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JUREB continuously strives to offer every client a fully-inclusive and optimized, cloud-based solution to all their business needs. This software is a one-stop-shop for all the complex operations your small business completes on a daily basis.

Successful businesses are built by making efficient use of borrowed time. Our software solution is designed to help even the most novice businesses with their accounting, and payroll concerns. Our SME-focused interface has a detailed list of advanced technological features specially tailored to the African market. We leverage state of the art technology to help companies circumvent the need to do business through the traditional brick and mortar style.

Our groundbreaking technology provides necessary services to the underserved SMEs located in Nigeria. As more clients have the chance to experience the benefits of JUREB, we will expand our services to help those located in other countries across the entirety of Africa. Our goal is to provide you with instant visibility of your business operations through the relevant charts and reports that are always at your fingertips. Allow us to help you use your time in more efficient ways that will result in increased business productivity as well as exponential revenue growth! This digitalization of all your secure information will keep you in business for many years to come.

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When you connect your business to JUREB, you will soon discover this is the only tool you need to expose your business to unlimited growth potential!


Providing a simple solution that allows MSMEs to survive and thrive within a volatile industry.


The JUREB system empowers MSMEs to utilize a centralized, digital platform to simplify their most complex processes leveraging advanced technological features necessary to grow their business and scale their operations for success!

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