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JUREB provides you with a bird eye view of every area of your business with increased level of understanding and control over your financial position, automate your bookkeeping operations, manage your human resource operations, file your tax returns, pay your taxes and lots more.

All you need for your business

Human Resource

Manage your employee information all from one dashboard


Create invoices, view your charts of accounts and monitor transactions.


Stay on top of taxes. Check out how much you owe in taxes and file returns

Keep track of your expenses and manage your income

JUREB business solutions, provides you with instant visibility of your business financial position at the touch of a button, manage all your business bank accounts from one place, create and send electronic invoice to your customers, set and manage your budget performance on the fly.

Manage all your employees from one dashboard

Manage your employees more efficiently with JUREB HR management module. JUREB provides a fast and seamless process for generating and managing your payroll, Staff leave, transfers, etc.

Say Good Bye to complicated tax calculations and payment!!

First of a kind integrated cloud based tax calculator, JUREB assist you to meet your entire tax obligation and collaborate with your trusted tax adviser. You can now seamlessly file your tax returns, pay your taxes with ease and collaborate by inviting your professional accountant/Tax Consultant to review your books on JUREB.

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Download the app to manage your finance, tax and employees. Keep track of your organizations and complete tasks on time.

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