Stay diligent and constantly keep track of your tax status with the JUREB system

Tax Calculator

The JUREB tax module has the advanced capability to calculate 10+ different types of taxes even while you’re on the go. This includes your business’ VAT, PAYE, and so much more.

Tax Payment

One glance at your module will show you how much you owe in taxes and exactly when you need to pay them.

Quickly File Tax Returns

Filing your tax returns has just become a breeze! With the JUREB system, you will gain extremely easy access to advanced technology that assists you during every tax season. Use this system to prepare tax returns that you can file with your relevant tax authority. As new tax integrations become available, all users will be immediately informed!

Tax Calendar

Utilize the tax calendar feature of your personalized JUREB system to keep track of tax due dates and ensure your business successfully avoids tax penalties every single year.

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