Human Resource Software

Use one, user-friendly dashboard to manage the onboarding, evaluation, transfer, and payroll of employees within your business

Payroll Management

Implement automated systems for your employee payroll. In addition to the monthly pay outflow, add bonuses and remove deductions with ease.

Leave Management

Every employee deserves time off and this module helps you successfully meet this need. Approve and reject leave requests as you see fit.

Employee Performance Appraisals

Centralize the regular rotation of employee performance appraisals by selecting the reviewee and assigning as many reviewers as necessary. As an employer, efficiently carry out performance evaluations of your employees to make record of strengths/weaknesses as well as ascertain top performing staff members and departments.

Individual Employee Dashboards

Provide every employee with a dashboard that allows them to manage their own personal information, professional documents, leave requests, and various other features.

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